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Dr. J.


Just checked this thread for the first time in a while and read your notes re Clonazepam & Clonidine.

Laughed at first because I’ve been taking Clonidine for years to control my high B.P.

Knew about it’s assistance to ADD, but Clonidine alone does nothing to stop my tics.

It’s only since taking Clonazepam that they finally stopped.


a) I did NOT know you can’t stop abruptly (which explains my 7 hours of sleep in 72 hours when I ran out of money {& Clonazepam}).

b) Didn’t know about the memory problems and I HAVE started to have those.

Thanks for the heads-up. Will discuss this with my ADD Specialist.

PS: Over the past 15 years, I’ve tried all the other possible non-medicinal treatments. None work on me. My ADD is so extreme.

PPS: Another thought – when I was in my late teens, I developed an allergy to Penicillin. Swelled up likr a balloon and was rushed to Emergency where they gave me a shot of Benzedrine. I quickly recovered, but I remember thinking this was the calmest I’d felt in years. Interesting!