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About a month ago, I brought my GP up to speed about my ADD. I don’t think i ever mentioned that I was diagnosed years ago but it should be in my thick medical file. Anyway, he put me on Concerta, 27mg. I was already on Wellbutrin XL, (an anti-depressent) at the time and have been for the last year or two. (I have no concept of time, I have a call into my pharmacy). Anyway, my question is two-fold:

(a) I just stopped taking these anti-deppressents cold turkey. Yea, I’m quite a bit more emotional but I still haven’t gone back to reading the obituary section in the paper, so in my book, I’m still further ahead.

(b) I really didn’t notice any difference other than a splitting headache while on the Concerta. My prescription just finished and I’ve ordered another batch, but I still feel like I’m in a fog. I still have to look for my lost keys and look for my glasses that were on-top of my head all along. How can I tell if this stuff really is working?

What are you supposed to feel exactly, other than jittery and shaking while in my sleep ( according to my wife).