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Re: Concerta? Does it work for you?

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Squirrrel……. Please take the time and read my keyboarding as somewhere in the black colored texts are a lot of thoughts about what you typed. MY words may seem off topic at times as unfortunately my key punching skills are not nearly as quick as the racing thoughts in my head.

First I respect your skills as a Nurse. My X wife is a RN and I was there during her obtainning that degree and supported her endeavors. I had been there during her first job and movement within the ranks to including hooking up with a Dr and dumping me. Bitter NO only pissed that I did not know that I had ADHD and because of the lack of knowledge and education about it at 48 I am faced with many a life challenges because of this syndrome and symptoms of ADHD. (More on the x another day and her/family history of ocd/adhd/bipolar issues that I did not realize she had to which she was very educated about and used that knowledge against me WHATTTTTTTT a florence nighting gale would never do that …. Please! Oh and the ADHD symptons that run rampet in my family but only now am I starting to uncover!) hehehe You might read about it In the mental health magazine for men with adhd I am trying to create. You know to coincide with the televsion show called “C.R.A.P (kinda like NCIS) where did I put those keys”… my production company will be called POOP that way like oprah even backwards it will be memorable! and refer back to the show title…lololol

It does make perfect sense the Dr.s reasoning for not upping the dose… I guess they need an xxr or xxxr. please keep us informed as I believe your trainning might provide some good insight and provide us with some great data from a educated professional that actually is living through what so many of us are.

I love to hear that you apologized to your mom…… Family is such a huge support structure in combatting ADHD my hands off to you Really!…. Next time ya see her give her a smooch on the cheek from this totallyadd guy. Tell her i thank her for putting up with you also so that we ADHDers may have another educated professional as an advocate and example that ADHDers can suceed and make a difference in the world for good…

Ok. May I ask what type ADHD er you may be,,,, what are your 3 greatest symptoms that indicate you are one of us… and what techniques you use to combat them. Come on make me feel good…….. I love success stories… Do some of your uniqunesses require different solutions to overcome there potential threat of disaray in your life and those around you? The reason you take concerta is? I also applaud you in not double dosing the med. I bet it is because(partially at least) of your education that you did not go that route. I have observed many a persons on this ADD site experimenting and I remember my X often talking about her many patients (as she was first a psyche nurse before heading off to surgeon land in PACU) doing the same with substantial negative consiquences.

Psyche Dr visit for meds for me just days away although I have talked to MD s regarding drugs and my ADHD/PTSD issues, Counsellors have also been part of the treatment/education process which i will lean on even more heavilly during the med introduction and tuning there of. I had been on meds briefly when first diagnosed with ADHD but because of the lack of education about what I was being treated for I suspended there use as I felt changes taking place but to be honest I did not know why, how and what I was suppossed to do with these new feelings in my head…

I unfortunately because of my ADHD symptoms resisted many skills needed to cope with even the simpliest normal every day life adventures and necesities to just survive in a reasonable manner. I had always been a very creative and physically hard working person but my support systems were definately not a good fit for me and unfortunately even used against me for there selfish gain in a variety of ways not known to me. Of course not until it was to late!

K nough said have an awesome day!