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Re: Concerta? Does it work for you?

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I have been tempted to try upping my morning dosage on my own, but it’s too risky to do with something as potent as Concerta. It’s possible to overdose on it- it’s basically prescribed methamphetamine if you compare it’s chemical components. Just like a drug addict who isn’t used to using a big amount of meth, they may overdose and cause their nervous system to shut down if they use too much- and Concerta can do the same thing. The biggest effect of a high dose of it is your heart having to work overtime. Your pulse goes up, you get less oxygen to your brain/muscles/organs and your heart can just say “that’s it! I’ve had enough!” 72 mg is a lot- even though it’s been approved to be dosed that high. Just watch out and try not to self-prescribe your doses. If anything, you should try 18 mg, then 2 18mg pills/day, and slowly work your way up over a few months. Just give your body time to get used to it- pay attention to how you act and feel. After a while, If Concerta isn’t working for you, you may need Adderall or something of the like. I’m going to stick it out with Concerta for a bit longer and supplement it with coaching… when I get in for an appt for it :o) Good luck and I hope that you (and I) find some relief soon!