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Re: Concerta? Does it work for you?

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I don’t quite understand the substitution thing. My pdoc gave me a script for Concerta and stamped it with “No substitutions”. He has declared that his patients are reporting quite a bit of dissatisfaction with the generics so he clearly stated he wanted me to continue with the Concerta ( in addition to the fact that my med plan coverthe cost 100%).

So when I took in my last prescription to the pharmacy, they tell me they will have to give me the generic. What??? I tell them that the doc has said “No substitutions”. No, they tell me, teh message can’t be stamped, it has to be in writing. They will have to call him and get it from him verbally. (Go ahead. I know he’ll give you an earful. He ranted a bit about the ‘games’ the pharmacy people play with his patients the last time I was in to see him.)

Our conversation continued and I explained that the last time I brought in my script that a pharmacy trainee (what do you call a student pharmacist?) called me and asked ME which drug I wanted. “Do you want Concerta or the generic?”

Since I hadn’t really looked at the script (gee, he gave me 3 different ones for different things, all of them repeats) I asked the trainee what the doctor has specified. Concerta. Hmmm….. well, since he wrote Concerta and not the generic, just give me Concerta and I’ll check with him the next time I go back to get the script renewed.

So when I explained all this to the real pharmacist on this last visit he says, “Oh, well if YOU requested Concerta we can just give you Concerta based on that. We call it a patient request.” ???????

So they never bothered to call the doctor because I specified I wanted Concerta!!!!! And they were going to call the doctor because he used a stamp that said NO SUBSTITUTIONS!!!! All I had to do was say that I wanted the Concerta??? I’m still shaking my head.