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Re: Concerta? Does it work for you?

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If I read your post correctly, you’re going to sleep and midnight and getting up four hours later? Because if that’s the case, then your problem is exhaustion, not necessarily that the meds aren’t working.

I was on Concerta for awhile, but went on Adderall twice a day instead because the Concerta wasn’t giving me enough of a dose early in the day. I was irritable and distractable and non-productive until about four hours in. Plus, I have a little more leeway to play around with the dosage.

Be careful about playing with your meds. I know it can be tempting to take two pills instead of one, but when I had my dose raised from 36 mgs of Concerta to 54, it shot my blood pressure through the roof, raised my heart rate, gave me chest pains, and nearly sent me to the hospital. I ended up on beta blockers for awhile. Don’t do anything without your doctors help.

Concerta might just not be the med for you. Good luck. Try to get more sleep!