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Re: Concerta? Does it work for you?

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ER or SR or XR, I find Concerta gives me about 9 hours, however my day is 18 hours long.

I’m up at 5:30 AM, get a coffee on my way to work at 6:15 and arrive at work for 7:00. I take my 18mg Concerta at 9:00 and by 10:00 I’m focused and energetic. That doesn’t make me want to do my job any more or less, but I am able to do pretty much what ever I set my mind to. By 6:00 PM I’m ready for bed, but it’s time to make supper for the kids, my wife isn’t home for another 45 minutes, the dogs need to be walked and there are a pile of jobs I have to get to here as well before bed, but I’m sooo tired and for 30-40 minutes pretty grouchy. This puts extra work on my wife and I end up feeling guilty about that and that I’m not doing more.

Just my thoughts about the one a day options. Make sure you know what the active period is and what the down will feel like. Will this satisfy your needs or will it make things more complicated? What might be a better fit?

Actually this is why I tried Straterra first. I didn’t want to ride the roller coaster everyday.

Another point worth mentioning is that while generics are often substituted for brand names they are not the same. Before dismissing a treatment make sure you are taking the medication you think you are taking, if its a generic get the right stuff. It may cost a little more but you can recover that through the manufacturer in most cases. The difference is like Lada to Porsche.