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You know, I’ve just realized something this past Friday. I manage a group, and have one-on-one meetings weekly or so. I am able to concentrate fully for 30 minutes or so with them, because I find talking with them and learning about their ongoing work and personal lives to be fascinating. I’ve had some training as a counsellor so I spend a lot of time ‘squinting’ with my ears as I listen to their problems, work issues, and role efforts within a matrix organization.

But when I sit in a large meeting – like the weekly management meeting – I find it next to impossible to maintain focus. I wonder if I need to spend time envisioning the large meetings as simply a series of one-on-one meetings, and consider that when each person is speaking, I give them my full attention. It is striking though – I get so distracted and bored and want to play with my BlackBerry or day dream, or think about my shoes etc…

Anyone experienced this sort of thing?