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I have one word for this problem MEDICATION! When I first started taking Concerta, at first I thought it wasn’t working but then I suddenly realized that I had just listened to a complete conversation that my sons were having at the kitchen table while I was making their lunches for school. I almost cried, I couldn’t remember the last time that I had heard a complete conversation from start to finish AND I didn’t have an overwhelming urge to interject my 2 cents worth. The difference for me on meds and off is huge. It makes an enormous difference in home, work and social situations, and I am sure it makes me much more enjoyable at parties as I can actually be a participant in conversations and not the dominator. I also have to say that having a partner who is also ADHD makes life much easier. I was with my ex husband for 20 years, and I felt like 18 of those years was used waiting for him to catch up with my thoughts. I spent a lot of time being frustrated while I waited for him to “get it”. With my current ADHD partner, we are usually on the same page and have no problems following each others 8 track tape minds. It is blissful.