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thanks for your response. It seems endless and trying to teach your family doctor and dealing with this is exasperating. I had hoped to get into see a doctor who specializes in add/adhd in adults and have lined up two but then find out about the fee and feel pissy about that just out of principle.

I just got the script for concerta and since I also take effexor for anxiety and need to reduce that med slightly before starting the other. I am off to the pharmacy to have a chat with the pharmacist and to get it filled. My family doctor seems to feel that there was enough information to prescribe it and so I will give it a go. In the meantime she has suggested I get an asessment by whatever means possible I am having trouble someone who is relatively convenient, is currently taking patients and knows what they are doing. I would like to get someone refer me as opposed to just picking someone off of a website etc. Do we know if Dr.Jian still sees patients? Can I ask who you see and where he/she is located?