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Patte Rosebank
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Just a warning about the Effexor. My psych started weaning me off it, 2 months ago. He thought it would only take about 2 weeks. And yet, here I am, carefully emptying out most of the spansules inside the 37.5 mg capsules (the smallest size they come in), because if I miss a day, even at the tiny dosage of approximately 10 mg, I get brain zaps, teariness, and various other “fun” symptoms.

Turns out, Effexor is one of the most difficult medications to get off of. The manufacturer initially claimed that “a very small number of people will experience withdrawal syndrome”. A few years ago, the FDA ordered them to change that part of the product monograph, because a whopping 79% of people experience major withdrawal syndrome, which can last for months after their last dose. Just google “brain zaps”, or look in the Medication section of this Forum, to see what I mean.

Dr. Jain is located in the Toronto area. I think he’s taking new patients (someone here said they’re waiting to see him), but you’ll need a referral from your family doctor and plenty of patience, because, this being Canada, you’ll have a long wait before ANY sort of medical specialist can fit you in.

I’m not seeing an ADHD specialist, just my regular psychiatrist (Dr. Shree Bhalerao), who tends to keep on top of developments in the psych field, because he also lectures at the U of T. His office is in the Mental Health Outpatient department at St. Michael’s Hospital.