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Re: Dealing with Anger / Crankiness

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I know exactly what you mean, librarian. I’m exactly the same way. I get very anxious and upset when things don’t go the way I had anticipated the way they would go and from there I quickly boil over. I could go from normal to temper tantrum in a matter of seconds.

Interestingly enough, I found myself in one of those situations yesterday. I was fixing a porch light and one of the screws (naturally) bounced away and through a crack in the decking. This would usually drive me to dispair, but I recognized what my emotions were doing and was able to use that knowledge to keep them from taking over.

So I went to get a hammer and a crowbar to pull up the board so I could get the part from underneath when I stepped on my shoelace, causing my shoe to come untied – an annoyance that drives me crazy and would normally have pushed my desperation over the edge and into tears. I was able to once again use the knowledge to realize that the emotion wasn’t accurate and fixed my shoelace, gathered my tools, found the screw, and finished the job with the lamp – all without going into a spin and throwing and breaking things.

I know it’s a small victory but I feel good that I know I can do this and with a bit of practice I can do it more often.

Also, I’ve recently been taking something for my anxiety and I think that it, along with my ADHD treatment and therapy have been very helpful.