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Re: Decision fatigue, desire, willpower and ADD

Re: Decision fatigue, desire, willpower and ADD2011-08-26T04:30:05+00:00

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Well I didn’t have any cookies on hand today so tried chocolate almonds :-) I also made sure to eat lunch as well. I lasted till mid-afternoon then had to get away from the mess! Luckily I had lots of stuff in my car to take for donation so was able to use that as an excuse. All in all I was able to keep at it steadily all day with only a few breaks. At one point, as I was turning in circles, I had a light bulb moment and asked myself, what’s the worst thing that could happen if I made the wrong decision and what difference would it really make? That usually resulted in a purged item! So did the glucose treats make the difference? Not sure but it sure made it more fun :-) WIll have to keep testing this theory to see if it works consistently.