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Re: Decision fatigue, desire, willpower and ADD

Re: Decision fatigue, desire, willpower and ADD2011-08-25T03:51:40+00:00

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no way I’m getting through 7 pages of text right now! …goodnight med.. i have a horrible time making decisions!!! i just think about all the consequences or possible variables..and get very overwhelmed. I definitely relate to the paralysis do nothing or the ‘what the hell!’. very frustrating. and more frustrating that I tend to gravitate to high decision activities and occupations.. because I get bored without choices!! I’m the kind of person who demands the ice cream shop with the most choices..then almost starves trying to make a decision…chocolate…..

I’m addicted to sugar..but i don’t think it has much to do with decisional fatigue lol. more to do with compulsion. if there is chocolate in front of me, there is no decisional fatigue..already in my mouth!!!!