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well i think they should of put me in the movie Ha ha ha i have been diagnosed several times 1st time was when i was 7 they had me on all kinds pills i was so stoned i think i walked to the wrong school so they put me on more meds sent me to special ed and than sent me to the hospital ( psych ward) hooked wires up to my brain , yup not kidding then to foster care ( for troubled children) than more visits with doctors One of them who i believe is a specialist in ADD now and others , i made it trough grade school barely i was kicked (expelled) in grade 3,6,7,8 but still graduated now onto high-school i made it out with a partial grade 10 only took me 3 years + and again sent to doctors put on a lot of diff meds that didn’t work , like Prozac,effexor and Zoloft . well the 2nd last semesters grades were like grade 10 math 75% Grade 9 and 10 English were both under 30% and woodworking 100% , so anyways the next term i was failing again all my classes the principal told me to drop out and get a job . so i did that was in maybe 1993 i think well I’m now 36 and have had more jobs than i care to count oh-ya for got to mention my parents sent me to private counseling what a waste of money that was so here i am 36 i have had every job i wanted i worked for big companies had good jobs , i went and took action maybe 12 years ago no offence but this quack had his pad out getting me Prozac before i even said hello i lost faith in the medical system i guess because of well i don’t even know i am just rambling and venting , but on the bright side i have been researching whatever i can now for the last 6 months i am tired being like this so now at least when i see the doctor one of us will be educated i have copped somehow this long with making lists and lists of lists and than databases of lists of lists of lists i cant even make sticky note now i am done rambling for now