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Re: Diagnosed many times

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Tomcat1066 I could have written your post. I caught the last few minutes only while channel surfing. My wife was gone that day or I would have had her watch it, too.

My mother is ADHD, my youngest son was diagnosed the same when he was young. People just called me lazy and hyper. My mother called me accident prone and “the absent-minded professor”.

The show matched me perfectly. At least what little I saw of it. There’s two of my favorite comedy actors – on TV no less, talking about my behavior? What’s THAT all about!?! I found the link to the PDF file “self-test”. Of the 18 questions in part A and B, I scored a perfect 30 in part A – had to assign the highest, the farthest right in the gray on all of them. On the bottom part – Part B – I did nearly as well – depending on my mood – 53 or higher there. So at least, even on a GOOD day for me, 83 out of 90.

I’ve been “misdiagnosed” for 53 years. So what do I do about it now? Few believe me! Honestly – not so sure my wife even believes it’s actually a medial thing. I could remember, or I could apply myself and get things done if I wanted to do them.

No, wish I could! I’m VERY good at what I do – just getting me to DO those things……..

Moved 4 times in 5 years, multiple careers and jobs – longest was 7 years, 3rd marriage, forgetful, clumsy, accident prone, a pain in school, trouble with English, spelling on paper, reading comprehension (even though I was in the highest percentile in the Basic Skills tests in school), I have to have multiple projects going as I get bored with one and move to another, I hate paperwork.

I can’t even keep a straight path in this message – and I just realized – I wore my old worn out black with grease and dirt, and full of holes shoes to work in the office! Arrgh – hope no one looks at my feet today……….

Oh, do folks with ADD or ADHD tend to mis-spell or turn letters around in words like teh? I sure do……..or am I just a bad speller! Mybe I am only disorganized, forgetful, clumsy, lazy, unfocused and simply need to work harder at doing the right things?

What do I do now? No, doctors around here are quacks – they leave stitches in your fingers for weeks, they misdiagnose and are after-all, only practicing….. I don’t trust a doctor to have a clue.