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Re: Different Kinds of ADD?

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js-cart I am getting better at working out at the gym, even though I rather be inside reading books, knitting or outside. Also not into sports it is just too much depending on the sport. Like soccer the ball was just at the other side, then it was at the end, and now it is back on the other side. Wouldn’t it be easier if I stayed at the other end. My friends at my college wanted me to play this event in spring. You do all kinds of things from kick ball, soccer, dodge ball (one of my favorites) relays races, and tug a war. I got the soccer ball a few times and could not decide were to kick. On the other time someone said, “Lauren pass the ball to me. You know I didn’t get a turn.” Without really thinking I passed the ball. One of my teammates came up to me and told me to try to control my ADD or don’t play. I was really hurt by this and went off to stand by the ref. how knew me but didn’t know I had ADD. The only reason I told the teammate was because we were talking about disorders and disabilities and my other roommate told me theirs. I thought it was only fair. Anyway, the ref. talked to me about it and how I felt. Truthfully, I just wanted to run and hide.

After all that was done we came in 13th place and here I thought we would come in last because of the soccer thing.

OOPS went way pass what I wanted to say.

I have a personal trainer at the gym and he can tell when I get bored or don’t like something. He will switch it. My favorite is the ropes right now, it was the leg press. By the way he doesn’t know I have ADD.