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Re: Different Kinds of ADD?

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Here’s what I found here http://www.myaddchild.com/ and show good resume of the types

Classic ADD – Inattentive, distractible, disorganized. Perhaps hyperactive, restless and impulsive.

Inattentive ADD – Inattentive, and disorganized.

Over-focused ADD – Trouble shifting attention, frequently stuck in loops of negative thoughts, obsessive, excessive worry, inflexible, oppositional and argumentative.

Temporal Lobe ADD – Inattentive and irritable, aggressive, dark thoughts, mood instability, very impulsive. May break rules, fight, be defiant, and very disobedient. Poor handwriting and trouble learning are common.

Limbic System ADD – Inattentive, chronic low-grade depression, negative, low energy, feelings of hopelessness and worthlessness.

Ring of Fire ADD – Inattentive, extremely distractible, angry, irritable, overly sensitive to the environment, hyperverbal, extremely oppositional, possible cyclic moodiness.