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Re: Different Kinds of ADD?

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Cool, thanks. I was thinking I was lazy because I’m anti-social and don’t really want to join a gym or fitness class to work out with anyone else. I can’t even stand having my husband around. I need to focus on my muscles when I workout and I can’t do that if someone is talking to me about nothing. I need music, good shoes and good weather to get a great power walk on. I find it’s the only thing I don’t lose interest in for the most part. Even when I was young, I only liked working solo on my gymnastics. I’ve taken fitness classes, but always with strangers and where there was very little interaction with the other sweating piggies like me. I used to do a full 1.5 hrs of stretching with a small group and a great teacher, but she folded her stretch class biz to work at a college full time. Bummer for me. I haven’t found anyone to replace her yet, and that was almost 10 yrs ago. :-