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A diagnosis does not change who you are. It just puts a label on it. You have to decide what you want to change and go from there. Start small. If you want to manage your bills, come up with a system that works for you. I use online banking to pay the bill immediately when it arrives, but I set the withdrawal date near the due date of the bill. If I let it sit, I will forget to pay it. My philosophy is “do as much as you can when you remember to do it as waiting will result in it not getting done every time.” Sure, this is very rigid and other people don’t understand the compulsion to finish the task, but it helps get the stuff done. If you want to clean your house, figure out a schedule to stick to but also a way to make it regimental that it always gets done. I find that repetitive tasks require a strict routine or else they only get half done or forgotten. A digital organizer helps, but only if you use it religiously.

It is hard and we certainly fail more often than we succeed. The important thing is to keep trying no matter what. I think one of the reasons so many ADHD people get accused of being egocentric is that we have to spend so much time focusing on our own performance in order to cope with our impairments.

Incidentally, my house is a disaster area too and always has been.