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I have not been officially diagnosed, however I know from my childhood behaviors of “day dreaming” , procrastination, and difficulty sustaining focus, that these tendencies have carried themselves into my adult life. While I have learned to filter out distractions in order to focus on important tasks (ie, workplace tasks, driving, reading etc…) The one area where I know my quality of life would be improved is in my inability to manage time to peruse my other life passions.

I am a creative person (as are most Leo’s I know), and throughout my school years teachers and adults encouraged me to pursue my creative endeavors believing I had potential as a writer. Although I would get inspiration from this encouragement, all my attempts outside of this structured environment would end up uncompleted. In hindsight I think I did well not to get bogged down in depression, but it did end in me giving up on my creative pursuits to focus on a more conventional career. Well, after many fruitless years of pursuing this elusive “career” I realized I am just not that conventional.

I have managed to find a job which I do enjoy and fulfills me. It is not 9-5 which also lends itself perfectly to my having time for my passion. I have recently had several offers to collaborate on projects with others but I still struggle on a daily basis to find the discipline and time management skills to follow through. Are there any other members who are in a creative field who struggled or are struggling with this too?