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Tigger said so much that I recognized in myself. And since this isn’t a disease or an illness, it’s not something you catch or develop, unlike say Depression, there may be a different way to frame it.

You could say that rather than being diagnosed, you discovered you have ADHD. The diagnosis is good news and bad news. And it really is what you make of it, I think. And we all do both, right? When I’m aware of my symptoms, when I’m playing to my strengths and working around the areas where I struggle, it’s a good thing. When I’m thinking about how it’s unfair, or embarrassing or what my life could have been had I known earlier… Well, it’s a bad thing. But I can’t imagine not knowing. Instead of thinking about what might have been, had I been diagnosed earlier, I now think about what would have happened to me, and my kids, and my second marriage, had I never found out. Then I’m really grateful for the diagnosis.