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I discovered it by myself one day when a story came out in the paper about the “recent”

discovery that some kids with ADD keep it into adulthood and I recognized the symptoms.

That was back in the eighties or early nineties.

I went downtown to the main library, did some research and diagnosed myself. I have all the

symptoms, which was why it was easy for me to diagnose myself. For me, it was finding an

answer for the unending depression I had since I was born and also finding a treasure at the

bottom of the same well because now I knew there was a chance I could harness the amazing

powers that I already knew I had. Double win!

Armed with that info I got an appointment, started a prescription, went back to school and got my

high school diploma in only two years while still working out which drugs and how much of each

I needed. I had graduated before my doctor and I were done beating the depression by finding the

right antidepressant and how much to use.

Try clicking the Diagnosis link in the blue menu bar at the top, Ava.

It’s handy enough to do right now and the price is right.