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Re: Do SSRI's reduce focus?

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After struggling with Wellbutrin and then Straterra for two years I am now on Adderall XR (six months) and notice a significant positive difference. Found out that Wellbutrin made things worse for me and likely caused siezures. However I have been on Paxil for over a year and don’t think it does anything so am trying to wean down and have also stopped Quetiapine (took for 7 months to help with anxiety sleep disorders). In two weeks I haven’t noticed any side effects of being off Quetiapine. Any ideas of how to monitor your own behavior when dropping from 20mg to 10mg of the Paxi (I have two friends who have had real reactions tryng to get off Paxil) and how long it may take to comfortably get off it. How do you know whether it is helping you or not?

I heard that reps from totallyadd are coming to Calgary to do a conference or seminar? Anyone know details of this?Unlike Toronto there are not support groups or much discussion here on ADD tjhat I am aware off.