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Re: Doctor Reluctant to Treat the Comorbidities

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she’s taking the recommended course of action by starting with stimulants- exasperating as it is, you can’t really fault her for that- she’s gotta keep us impulse control-deprived peeps doing things in a logical order, whether we like it or not. i don’t envy her that at all. try and be patient, hey?! i know it’s hard. :D

ah, overthinking, thats fun stuff. i used to be the queen of that! :D

have you had any CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) training? its something you can do with a psychologist or life coach- really good stuff. while you might not be able to stop your brains wonderful predisposition to overthinking the crap out of everything, you can, with CBT, learn how to manage it hugely- how to recognise the pattern starting, nip it in the bud, and put your thinking back onto a more realistic and constructive level, plus learn to master that horrible sensory stuff that comes with anxiety, and perpetuates it (the whole flapping, heart pounding, head racing, thoughts churning, bit).

while meds *can* help to turn it down a notch in terms of helping you think a bit more clearly and leveling out your mood, they don’t really break habits or fix ingrained thinking and behaviour patterns- this is where CBT comes in super-handy. definately talk to someone about getting some- it’s the best thing i ever did…. and with your improved focus you’re in an awesome place mentally to give it your best! :D