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Re: Doctor Reluctant to Treat the Comorbidities

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I sincerely hope that you take this in the context that I mean which is only to serve to help and assist and please know two things about me. First, that I am not one to criticize another openly and blatantly and second, I am not a doctor but do have a deep and intense zeal to help others like me because of the kindnesses shown and understanding that was so freely furnished.

As far as co-morbid conditions are concerned, my psychiatrist reviewed all the information on me and did determine that I indeed had co-morbid conditions as well. It was her conjecture that we ought to look at treating the ADHD first since the second issue may have been triggered by or is a compartmentalize component of ADHD. If not, we will then look at treating it as well once the ADHD is under control. So, we moved forward with the treatment and medication and coupled it with coaching. Things improved very, very quickly and many folks noticed it and I was praised for my new changes and my accomplishments since.

My co-morbid condition was memory or lack thereof; regardless how you slice it up, memory was lacking in a very significant manner and it needed to be addressed as well. Now, depression, lack-of-confidence or whatever name you want to slap on it – sorry to say this but – confidence only came after the medication and close workings with a coach to aid me in my circumstances. My confidence has soar up much more than I ever thought or considered possible. There have been many things that have sought to introduce into my daily living. Positive self affirmations – the one I use continually is – “Every day, in every way, I am getting better and better!” and the other one is “I am successful in whatever I do!”. For my memory issue, I have learned some great techniques to help me and indeed it has.

Overall, am I happy with the progress so far? Absolutely! I keep close notes on my past so that I always have a measure stick to compare my past with my present and that way, I am kept positive and moving forwards.

As I said before, I am not here to disrespect or offend and I sincerely hope that you understand what I was trying to convey here. I know that I have struggled with many things and confidence was one of them – it translated directly about how I spoke to myself and how I felt about me and my workings in the outer worlds – society.

Hope this sort of helps.