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Re: Does anyone here have impulse to buy things?

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A PROBLEM with impulse buying? I think problem is an understatement!!! I no longer have any credit cards as I got rid of them when locking them in the Safety Deposit Box of my bank wasent enough and only have one debit card that is attached only to the acct with very little money in it and not to the one with the Line of Credit. My husband has the debit cards for the accounts with the money in them so he has to come with me to buy anything…even the grocery store or else I would buy them out of Shampoo, vitamins for everything under the sun, chips, pie, etc…

He knows not to let me get ANYWHERE NEAR the cosmetics department of any store!

When I worked in a mall I spend more than I made and when I got into modelling…YIKES! I really had a problem it was an addiction to buying beauty products. If you’ve hear of a brand of shampoo I’ve bought it if you’ve seen an ad for a lipgloss I’ve bought it! It got so bad that it was to the point that I would stash all my new shampoos and makeup in boxes and hide them under other stuff in the back of the closet and I would lie and say that I they were old shampoos I’ve had for months. Sometimes I would even pour some out and kind of scrape off some of the letters so that he would think they were old 😳

Talk about a problem!

One time when we were moving he ended up going through it all and was like WOW you really have a problem. We added everything up and it totalled thousands of dollars :( At this point we were using our Line of Credit for groceries. Needless to say I defenitley had a problem with impulse buying. Now I’m better because of the visa/debit inaccesibility however now I have a horse and do you have any idea how much saddles cost? What about hay? Ya so it’s been interesting learning to manage my money but I have to say that I’m doing really well now and my husband is quite proud of me!