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Re: Does it cost to be diagnosed?

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Go to the site: http://www.cpso.on.ca/docsearch/ and do a search for a psychiatrist in your area. Call them up and find out who does adult ADHD assessments. For the most part physician (M.D.) services are covered by OHIP but there are some that charge for the questionaires and other paper work. I believe that psychiatrists are the best people to contact because they have experience with analysing the questionaires and it is part of their job. Don’t be surprised to find yourself on a wait list ranging from weeks to months to see a psychiatrist.

If you want to get a quick diagnosis you will have to pay to see a psychologist or some other physician that charges for their services. For the most part employer benefit plans cover registered psychologists but it would be good to see what services the benefit plan covers prior to your first appointment to one of these places. If the benefits don’t cover the costs then be prepared to pay between $1000 to $2500 out of your own pocket, these are figures that have been quoted to me in Toronto.