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I didn’t have much structure at home, and I’m actually finding it less stressful (in some ways) to live in a small box room (University halls). There is less space for things to go missing, and a lot more emotional freedom (my family stressed me out a lot, which consequently had an affect on my potential ADD). I am only paying my living costs every term. There are no extra bills, or faffing around. It is a very easy life, in one room. I imagine a house would get complicated for me, without additional help.

The work load, however, is what is overwhelming me. The responsibilities are also making me more forgetful. As I said, I can’t often seem to sit down and get my work done – even though I should, and everybody else is.

Hopefully I’ll get my appointment for the diagnosis in January (it’s a long waiting list). More lists would be a good idea – and I already do create lists on my mobile phone – but not all the time. I can fortunately say, I almost never forget to eat! I get very hungry from University and being so busy, so it’s hard to ignore. However, there are a lot more things that I should make alarms for.

Storage containers really help. It might sound strange, but the more I can box and organise certain things, the less scatty my room is – and voila, I know where things are! I have bought the biggest keyring in existence that is now attached to my key – so I do not lose my key like before. I sometimes leave my key IN my door – all night. I am a threat to my safety!

I plan on getting some books about ADD, once my diagnosis has been confirmed. I have researched a lot about it, and I know almost for sure that this is something I have.

Ironically, I just forgot what I am about to ask, but now it has come back to me. Memory – are huge memory issues a lot to do with ADD? I can’t seem to remember a lot nowadays – not even much of my childhood, or birthdays….holidays….everything. It’s getting me down hugely. I try to keep journals to keep a record of each day, but I never seem to continue with them.