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Re: Does it get worse?

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Even on a refreshing sleep, I am still forgetful. I have had a lot of ADD symptoms throughout my entire life, right from childhood. It has just got worse since starting University. As I have not been professionally diagnosed, it’s getting harder by the day to understand what’s happening – yet easier at the same time. Often I’ll think, “Ah, that must because I have A.D.D”…”wait, I haven’t been diagnosed, so perhaps I’m just forgetful”. It’s really difficult without a proper diagnosis, it’s taking over my daily thoughts. Once I know one or the other, I’ll be able to deal with things better.

I haven’t yet noticed any patterns in my diet/sleep that make my situation worse. Well, apart from not getting enough sleep. I am 100 x worse on no sleep. Diet I have not noticed so much.

If DAF has anything to do with this, then I’ve been suffering with it for my whole life! My forgetfulness has always been ongoing. My memory, both short term and long term, is getting worse.