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You may have ADD – I can’t say, and won’t say due to not wanting to cause you MORE problems by an unprofessional, misguided diagnosis, however, sure sounds like it. I can relate a lot……. and i’ve really got it.

Take the test at the top of the totallyadd.com web site – the virtual test. It’s quite good. Find ’em online, take them, print them, and go to a GOOD doctor and get a referral to a professional. Get the diagnosis, learn what it is, how to cope, how to improve, how to make life better (and you CAN, trust me – it’s possible to be a huge success in spite of. And you can even leverage some things and turn them into things that work for you)

I find it comes and goes at times – well ,some symptoms do. Suddenly one day I’m remembering a lot, more than my wife even, then the next week, I can’t even remember to put shoes on before I leave for work.