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Re: Doubts about telling my family

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“why my head always feels so crowded.. I want people to know about it so that they can understand me (and the diagnosis) a bit better… i.e. why I struggle so much with cleaning my apartment, why I sometimes “space out” in pure fascination of a color/a light flashing by, a sound or a smell… Umm… Where was I..? *re-reading what I’ve written* Oh yeah, telling people about my ADD… “

WOW…mirror image of my life!!! Even up to the part about telling my family. They shrugged it off. As I was trying to tell my parents, they couldn’t even give me their full attention. My mom was in the kitchen and my dad sat at the kitchen table playing with his cell phone as I spoke. Even when I asked him for his full attention, he continued and just told me to get a better job with benefits…really like that’s what I need to hear?? I got absolutely no support that night so I can imagine how you feel.

As much as I want their support, my family are just not that type, they would probably give me more negativety than anything. I have an aunt that I talk to so I get some support at times- she watched “ADD AND LOVING IT” before I did and kept relating everything in that documentary to how much it reminded her of me.

My parents and sibling are only supportive of people that play by their rules, I was always the odd one out like you and got alot of judgements, insults and ignored etc for being so different i.e. speaking my mind a.k.a honesty, or just having my own opinion.

I always knew something wasn’t right with my mind-mechanics since I was younger but just like my family I shrugged it off…funny isn’t it? I ignored something vital just because my family did.

Support is extremely helpful, but remember you need positive support, we all do. This site seems to offer that. :)


I totally agree, the negativey just hold you back and allows self doubt


OMG! I also have a terrible habit of oversharing then I want to kick myself after!!!- lol – I think it’s fantastic that you have found suppport – Now in retropect, I think most of my family are dismissive, have always been. They are the opposite of supportive – lol – I hope I too will be able to find 1 or 2 who are supportive. :)


Thanks for that reminder, that the people who care WILL be supportive and will want the best for you because they care. :)