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Re: Doubts about telling my family

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I’m going to go visit my dad this weekend. I haven’t seen him in two years and since I only found out this year that I have ADD, I was thinking I would tell him about it. I’m not sure it will connect with him because he probably doesn’t understand what ADD is all about. Since he’s 83, should I even bother with telling him?

I’ve only told one of my older brothers about my diagnosis, (I have four brothers). He laughed at first and said he thought that it was just me being a (family name). But I think he understands even though it was just a short conversation I had with him. I haven’t talked with him again about it- (It’s that thing called a phone that I hate to pick up and dial issue I have.), but I would love to find out his opinion on who else in our family could or did have ADD. Someday I will have to call him back.

Sad thing is, I wish I could talk with my mom, but she’s been deceased for 7 years now. Anyway, wish me luck with my dad!