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Re: Dyscalculia anyone?

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I’ve always had a really hard time with math and spelling…..I always remember faces but I’m not so good with names.

So listen I was wondering is there a specific Dr. you would see about Dyscalculia? That would explain a lot…..I hate numbers, I can’t add in my head, I always have to use my fingers even for the simplest of questions. My spelling is so bad that my husband says I should sue the school I graduated from!! lol I have to use spell check for every thing, 9 times out of 10 it’s a sea of red!! lol It’s so embarrassing, I can’t even help my kids with their home work, I just tell them the truth, I can’t do math or spell. I graduated with a 56% average!! I squeaked by!! I’ve always felt really stupid, I never could finish any thing, now that I’m on adderall my house is actually starting to look like a home!!

Thanks so much for this post I’m deffiantly going to look into this! :)