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Re: Emotional Torment Over Seeking a Real Diagnosis

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talk about a lucky click! I’m getting more n more lucky as I search this site for Jems [truffles].

I’ve been writing, reading, listening to tunes, watchen a little bit u TV, and eating some excellent good Italian food I made from scratch. Nebber had it so good.

And now I’ve found this thread. Shoot man my life is a piece of cake compared to the hell some of you guys have gone through just to get where you are now.

You guys write so well too. In fact the writing quality on this site has made me work harder to sharpen my own skills. I can’t begin to talk about how lucky we are here now, in 2012 to have so much awareness and even a growing number of doctors understanding that this ADHD thing is real, and treatable. All we gotta do is be straight shooters, tell the truth, and represent ourselves as being worth treating. Like it or not this planet is becoming much more of a “survival of the fittest” environment than I want to believe it is. I’m willing to accept that fact, but still. Unfairness and injustice is never an easy pill to swallow. ADHD gave us the determination and FIGHT! to get this far, now that our heads are semi above water, it’s time to help the rest of the up and coming survivors make it to shore. My belly is so stuffed with pasta, home made red sauce, hot italian sausage, and a little bread, that I’m afraid I might pop if I don’t do lay down n take it easy. At least I’ve got a dang appetite for a change… Hallelujah

More later.

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