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Re: Ending & Beginning today. Big day.

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yay stash =) i was terrified to take a stimulant for the first time. who knows? your heart could exploded lol.

krazykat- (hello!!!!!!!) i give MMSE tests, but I’m not sure I could get a 30/30 lol. but maybe now that I have the test memorized. but i always write down those objects i ask client to memorize! or i will forget. serial 7s are nasty! as part of a psychology experiment when I was an undergrad, they tape recorded me doing serial 13s. (to purposely stress me out). couldn’t do it at all. i think i did 100-13..then i was done. and used my informed consent to stop. I have a very difficult time with even simple mental math, although I did survive two semesters of calculus in college (B+ but cost me some permanent sanity points lol). to not think about stupid things would be awesome. even when they aren’t stressful, just crowds the mind! have to separate into solvable and non-solvable.. and pertinent and non-pertinent. >_<. GAD (generalized anxiety disorder) based strategies work best for me.

this workbook is amazing. I thought I had GAD, but it maybe ADD instead…but whichever is correct, the workbook is still pertinent =)