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The million dollar phrase here is… “but they don’t have a history of these difficulties before menopause.” Those of us who are female and have ADD have been struggling with it 24/7/365 throughout our childhoods, our teens, our twenties, thirties, forties etc. Having “normal” adult female estrogen levels at any point in the cycle certainly hasn’t prevented ADD for us. In our case, peri-menopause worsens a pre-existing condition.

Your diagnosis was presumably made on the basis of your lifelong history. If however, this problem is, for you, something that only showed up as recently as peri-menopause / post-menopause then maybe this is worth exploring with your doctor. Depending on your personal and family medical history, the benefits of hormone replacement might outweigh the risks. These days though, the thinking seems to be that hormone replacement can be appropriate for short term symptom relief, but generally not for long term use. In which case, you will eventually have to find another solution or learn to live with it.