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Re: Examples of inattentativeness

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Forgetting everything is so much a part of my life, it’s natural for me. I know I forget stuff so I try and find solutions instead of trying to force something that’s just not going to happen. It’s easier. :)

I’ve automatically build in ‘where’s my???’ time into my schedule and try to get out the door at least 30 minutes before I need to leave.

Then realize I have extra time and do just ‘one more’ thing before leaving then rush out before I miss the bus.

Groceries left on the floor in front of fridge while I go do something in the front yard that I noticed on the way in, walking by something that needed to be done 10,000 times and not noticing, took 6 hours to decide dinner menu and make a list (that I forgot) for the grocery store….the place was covered in cookbooks, recipes printed out from the computer, re-written lists on scaps of paper all over the place…

Dinner rocked, though…

I leave visual reminders out that sometimes work…have also used timer on my cellphone for cooking..even short periods of time