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Re: Examples of inattentativeness

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I cried at the grocery store because it was all too much. I can only accomplish that chore if I have a specific and organized list and it is not “weekend busy”.

I just can not talk to people while I drive unless it is a long straight road. I will get lost, wander in my lane, and otherwise be distracted. All the while my passenger has a death grip on the armrest!

I get overstimulated in crazy places (football game, concert, my sisters house :p) and routinely get migrane headaches. I have to get to a quiet place and hide my eyes for a time to keep myself from shutting down if it is bad enough.

I clean houses for a living. I lose my spray bottle and duster at least once a house. I just wander around until I finally find it. If I got paid per hour I could really cash in on my lostness! Three houses a day x roughly 20 minutes worth of wandering = … well I am terrible at math, but it is probably not bad! :D

My husband still has a hard time wrapping his head around my ability to turn off my brain. His is hard to stop – mine is hard to start.