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Re: Examples of inattentativeness

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I have a lot of things to do today, I’d better get going, I’ve wasted too much time getting ready as it is…oh, I should check to see what __ store hours are; go to computer. Oh right, the batteries are dying in my mouse, I remember that from last night, get up to get batteries – oh the cat wants in – hi kitty, good kitty, back to computer room – oh right, the batteries. What’s that kitty? You’re hungry? better get you a can of food! Feed the cat, go into the living room, start watching tv. OMG look at the time what am I doing I’ve got to get moving!

Go to computer – dammit! The batteries! Walk to kitchen “batteries, batteries, batteries, don’t forget batteries”…oh, the mail, what’s in this envelope? oh, right, batteries, get batteries, back to computer, put batteries in mouse…check store hours, oh, I’ll just check out this one web page really quickly…next thing I know an hour has gone by

Rush to get going, manage to get 2 things done from my long list, get home & realize I forgot to stop at __ store!