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Re: Examples of inattentativeness

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What about klutzy stuff… I could fill a book. Although my ADD “surprises” were often excruciatingly humiliating, luckily- they were equally hilarious. Who needs pride- right? Are ya with me people?!

Here’s a funny one. ( I hope.)

Now it’s 1993, and I am newly a teen. A friend has a B day shin dig, and after; a group of us walks one of our friends home down our two lane country road. Now remember, these were the days of dance moves such as: The Running Man, The Roger Rabbit and… The Cabbage Patch. Here, I found a link of someone doing the cabbage patch move.

Very cool.

Now back to 1993. I am walking ditch-side, my friend is on my left. I decide to bust the cabbage patch while walking. I get a couple of rotations in and- Wup! I cabbage patch right into the ditch. Ker whump! I twist my ankle, my friend was all -“Where’d you go? OMG!!” Sooo, I lay in the ditch while my friend runs and calls an ambulance. I get a nice ride to the hospital.

I learned to watch for ditches when busting moves, and to never cabbage patch and walk again.