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Re: Examples of inattentativeness

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My dad does!!! He says it’s because of all the “war stuff” like shells, etc. he was exposed to. But my mom noticed this type of thing in him well before he went to Vietnam. The VA tested his hearing and said it was fine. He was in the Marine Corps for 36 years. Talk about making your ADD work for you. But of course, he would rather have hearing loss, than admit to having ADD. Trust me, if you met him, in five seconds flat, you’d peg him for an ADDer. He really should be our poster guy.

He can hear stuff at very low decibels far away, but if it’s in front of him, like the TV, he turns it up to drown everything else out. He may have some hearing issues and at age 75, I’m sure he does, but really, he’s always done this. My brother does it too. With the TV, I think that other noises distract him from listening, so he turns it up to drown the other sounds out.

I do get confused pretty easily if there’s a lot of noise around me. What really bothers me though, is several people talking at once. This happens a lot with my kids. It just grates a nerve because I can’t figure out who to listen to first. I’m sure that non-ADDers have this issue, but it really seems to get to me more than it should.