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Re: Examples of inattentativeness

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Cat Alberts
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Hmmm… examples of inattentiveness?

Leaving the gas on after taking the pan off. Or putting the empty pan back on and burning my fingers when I pick it up 2 hours later when I want to clean it. Or being distracted while making a hot water bottle and pouring boiling water over my own hand (it healed beautifully, but 2 days with a lot of pain).

Jumping onto a train only to realise 20 minutes later that it is going in the wrong direction. Or to the wrong site of the country altogether because I mixed the adresses of 2 people, and adding 2hrs to my travelling time, and lots of annoyed phone calls from the other people I was supposed to meet.

Spending money because I thought I had added and substracted correctly but finding out it was a minus, not a plus.

Bruises after bumping into things while deep in thought. Dropping stuff. Twisting ancles.

I thought I was a bit deaf because I could never understand what people were saying at parties with music. Thankfully, dancing is an option.

Never ever remembering anything asked in person, only when written down on my calender.

Boxes to unpack are ignored for a year, especially when they are in the middle of the room. They just bring more guilt, and increase the ignoring because of that.

I just thought of a good example while making tea 5 min ago, but I can’t remember now…

O, forgot the tea in the kitchen…