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Re: Examples of inattentativeness

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The day that I was ‘officially’ diagnosed with ADHD, my doctor had a lengthy conversation with me about meds, the risks, the benefits, etc. I was very reluctant to take them. One of the side effects of Vyvanse was the possibiity of increased mania. I’m also in treatment for bipolar disorder so I am very reluctant to even run the risk of mania. My doc understood. He wrote me the script, told me to talk to people I was close to and decide. I drove from my appointment to work completely consumed with the diagnosis, the meds, the potential for side effects. I got to work, parked my car, walked in the building and, LOCKED MY KEYS IN MY CAR!!

I figured it was the Universe telling me that I needed to at least try the meds. It’s been 3 years..