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Great post ADDled! I can totally relate. Veronica, I just started taking Ritalin instant release at 5mg/day (very low dose to guage any reactions etc I’m guessing) and although I’ve yet to feel any measurable results so to speak, I can ‘feel’ a tiny sense of what you speak of with regards to the quieting of the voices. I can only hope that with a larger, more frequent dose, the calm and focus will increase.

I’ve read several posts here and on other ADD forums from people who believe that self-employment is an answer to the difficulties for us ADDers in the corporate world. Not in my experience. If you think paperwork is “kryptonite”, the organization and discipline required to run your own business will make that little green gem look like a gumball in comparison. I ‘attempted’ to start a business last year after losing my last job (which if not for the micro-management you spoke of ADDled, and a crazy hectic travel schedule, I would’ve loved) and although at first, I was busy, making money and loving every aspect of being my own boss, it quickly lost its lustre due to the organization it required. After a couple of months, the customers dwindled (a lot of my type of business has become cheaply outsourced to places like India), the sheen faded and I made infinite excuses to myself and others about why it failed. Truth is, running a business of your own requires mental stamina that I’m not (correction: I WASN’T) possessed of.

We ADDers are rennaissance minds in a world of staid regime. We are the dreamers. We are the idea people. In an ideal world, we could carve out a lucrative living by providing brilliant ideas to those with the ability to see them through to completion. A symbiotic relationship between thought and action. Unfortunately, I speak of a time long forgotten. Creative types are a dime a dozen nowadays. As an example, remember back in the mid-nineties – the Internet was a blossoming young thing, full of promise and the alure of wealth? Countless artists and graphic designers thought to themselves: “At long last! I can finally ply my trade and be rewarded justly for it!”. Others with a talent for design went to college and spent thousands of dollars on tuition fees to ride the wave of .com design. Only now, webdesign can be done by anyone and their Grandmother. That niche they would carve for themselves became the domain of those without their brand of God given talent and alas, it is no longer a viable career choice. No sooner had the child been given the brush, that it was summarily wrenched from its eager hand. The odd thing is that more and more, creativity is being shunned for the love of corporate ladder climbing. It’s not the artistic idea-monger that is being lauded these days. Instead, it’s the overacheiving, manipulative corporate go-getter that has his own reality show and house in the Hamptons. The World simply isn’t the sanctuary for the creative mind it once was. Now, it’s a case of “I can do it better then s/he” or “We can do it bigger than them” so thusly, you get the clones and WalMarts of the world.

Not that I want to dissuade anyone from self employment. it’s more of a caveat I speak of here. It takes tremendous self-discipline and organization to run a business, no matter how small. Perhaps I will myself, try again. Maybe my diagnosys and medication will allow me that focus that’s so greatly required of those that are in business for themselves. In the meantime, because the capitalist world I live in doesn’t pat me on the head and say: “Bishop, my good man….you go out into the world and find your calling. I’ll wait right here and start billing you when you’re ready.”, I’ll continue to settle for a micro-managed, coroporate slugfest that pays the incessant bills.

PS. A soon-in-the-future post of mine will include the words: I just found the most AMAZINGLY PERFECT career for myself! – words are powerful. Especially those that are written/typed. What we think about, we bring about. I love you all and it is my hope that everyone here finds their calling and lives well by it.