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“In an ideal world, we could carve out a lucrative living by providing brilliant ideas to those with the ability to see them through to completion.” ~TheBishop72

damn! i couldn’t have said that better myself. nice perspective.

i do however believe that i disagree with you on the rest, though. i have lived without medication for the last 12 years. i was diagnosed around 19 or 20. denial set in and stayed for a long while. but during that time… i was soooooo head strong on making it through my day the easiest possible way i could…. by becoming organized and writing everything down. the only problem with this is that i was living day to day with no future hopes in sight. all b/c i couldn’t focus.

it’s funny how things just come into play. this past week i was talking to my hubby about going to see this therapist, FINALLY…. then she calls and cancels that day. i thought that it just wasn’t meant to be. i had almost given up hope (b/c it took so long to find a doc and she would be booked for a few weeks out). at this point i’m almost desperate to go in and talk to someone, b/c it’s just so loud in my head, then…. hubby suggests i go seek some advice from my DO. scheduled an appt, went in to talk to him…. he helped me have some clarity and allow me to know that this is “normal” for me, so not to be ashamed. wrote the script, asked me to journal for the next 2 weeks and return to speak to him sooner if i felt i was having a problem with the dose.

the next day i wake up a whole new person. the noise stopped (like i’d mentioned before)… and i was scheduled for training that day at my job and almost forgot. the training was “Time Management and Goal Setting”. my instant thought “Holy moly, you mean they teach these things?! you mean to tell me that all the people that are already doing this, have been taught this and they weren’t just born with this inatte and canny ability to do it… just like that?!

so, now i have this ability to be organized (that has until this day, been an EXTREME mental chore!), this new medicine, and someone is going to teach me a skill on how to use these tools together… and i get paid for it?! uhm, when do we start?”

life coaches, team leader builder seminars…. these are just 2 resources that i’m going to utilize within the next 12 months. my creativity is still there, i work in a corporate environment that embraces my individuality and brainstorming ideas, and they’ll pay for school. at first i would tell myself that the job sucked…. that it was “a bunch of ‘corporate ladder climbing’, these people don’t care what i have to say… i feel so ignored… under appreciated…” blah blah blah….


i found that as soon as i started the meds and was able to focus my train of thought. it helped me realize that the negative things i was focusing on, was counter productive. the world, from that point on, just seems to be my oyster, now.

if an individual (whether they have add, or not) finds the resources they need and puts those resources to good use, then they too shall find a successful and rewarding life. i know i’m know being grateful and appreciating mine. this is the first time, in don’t know how long, that i feel like i am actually going to have something to show for all the hard work i’m about to put forth. and it feels GOOD! :D

personally, i’m tired of making myself promises and not following through with them. i’m tired of making excuses. i am looking forward to the adventure of finding my life’s purpose (which in reality is really what i make of it), and also having a “i just found the most AMAZINGLY PERFECT career!” thread. good luck to you bishop and your journey, as well.

“all we are is the result of what we have thought” ~buddha