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A couple I suppose. Museums, science centers, provincial parks and other institutions who’s goal it is to disseminate knowledge to the public normally have a staff of ‘Interpreters’ while they do not interpret in the sense of one language to another they are hired and paid to explain and make accessible the information to the public. This involves a lot of public speaking (thought not solely).

Motivational speakers can make fair amounts of money, but I have no experience there.

I suppose you could take up street performance… have you practiced juggling burning lawn chairs? No? hmm then maybe something more realistic… an event MC?

What about something to do with education?

You allude to having a back ground in graphic design and also possibly allude to schooling in it, what about talking about it?

People love to have people talk to things about them, if you do it really well they call you a consultant (which is like an insultant, but polite) and pay you money. Consultants get to talk all day. Is that the ultimate ADD dream? Getting paid to talk?

Maybe this article could offer you some further insight;