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dude, i envy the fact that you at least had/have some sort of direction. the photography thing, led you to a different path (which was cool at first, then you had to “work”, so it became not-cool for you). i have been struggling with feeling like i have not been able to find my life’s purpose, then add the adhd and WHAM! you have a very confused individual. and now i have kids.

i just started taking my meds today. i feel like all the voices in the room are gone and i can finally hear mine. but now i have to learn what the difference is b/w a characteristic of my personality type and my adhd. and both have a lot of similarities.

my largest struggle is the fact that people always get frustrated with me. they think i’m so smart and have all this potential and no drive. the fact is that i start out at lots of jobs driven, eager to learn and willing to try new things… but once the “honeymoon phase” is over i get bored and want to move on. it’s not that i’m not smart or have no drive… i’m just so bored most of the time.

i’m like you. i want to do something fun! for a living. and i’m afraid i’ll never find it. (((hugs)))

i feel ya.