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Re: Expert Doctor says I don't have ADD – I say I do

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I only got onto the site tonight because I had one awful day and needed comfort so I journaled then wandered around and was surprised to see responses to my first post a month ago. I want to add, after rereading what I wrote and reading what others wrote that my traveling and going to therapists around the Country who had written books and were well known, I also discovered many therapists and psychiatrists who weren’t doing well professionally, so they decided to advertise that they were ADD/ADHD specialists. THEY WERE NOT in my opinion, anything other than people who were not making it and this was a good way to do it. In the 20 years since my diagnosis, I’m fairly astute and it’s pretty interesting to talk to those who pretend to know, but have no clue. That even happened when I got to Houston and attempted to find a psychiatrist so I could get meds. Went to a WORLD FAMOUS hospital ADD clinic and discovered I knew more without a degree, and they were just there to get the patients tested for $750…I was NOT a happy camper to say the least. Unfortunately, Houston which is the 4th largest City in the Country actually is not all that together when it comes to ADD/ADHD. That’s one of several things I miss about L.A. I have a wonderful therapist but she isn’t knowledgeable about ADD but the work I do with her, helps a lot because she cares about me and even more, she cares about sharing what she knows. I wrote her this evening about me dreadful day and told her I needed to find someone to write a script for meds for me and probably will get a response over the weekend back. What I’d really like to do is get this amazing phenomena brought forward so people know it isn’t “you’re lazy, crazy or stupid” as the book was named, but intelligent, capable, artistic souls looking to be part of everyone’s World instead of looking through a large picture glass window at everyone inside while we stay outside…that’s how I think of myself….I got diagnosed first by the L.D. instructor at West Los Angeles College…she sent me to a school nearby who only worked with learning disabled. I remember the woman who I was assigned to asked me to write a short story for her then sat with her mouth open as she read it and said that something wasn’t right because I had told her I wasn’t smart and she was reading a whole other thing. They tested me again…I still have the green and white folder with the diagnosis. It was downplayed by the Hospital here in Houston…but I caught on as I said…they just wanted the $750. By the way, I actually started the testing process while in another school…I am a Certified Hypnotherapist. I took that program because I wanted A degree and was told I could take tests with an open book…I’m not good a taking tests so was drawn to that program. I started the program sitting in the front row…and as time progressed, because I didn’t have a clue what they were talking about, wound up one evening all the way in the back of the room. The instructor that evening started talking about the 7 ways we learn and I knew that at that moment, that this had to do with me, especially when he described KINESTHETIC LEARNING. So you see everyone, NOTHING is an accident. I wound up passing the course…moving forward as I searched about ways to learn and wound up at that college where it all connected. I am a winner and so are all of you…we just have a different path to follow and just because we all “march to a different drummer” doesn’t mean we are wrong. By the way too, I am convinced a very recent President has ADD…think about it especially after you read “Driven to Distraction”….and you’ll know whom I speak of!