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Re: feel like i'm wearing everyone out

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arg….. and so it begins again. But I think i’ll make light of the situation and not stress out about my writting today. This time i’ll send this post. Yeah it still bothers me.

toofat, thank you so much, and thank you to everyone else that has taken time to read my complaints, commented to try to help, and to make me fell like a part of the group I really appreciate it.

Right now with the way things are in my life I think I need a good support group that understands the problems I face everyday. More and more every day I find myself needing confidence and self esteem. Talking to people outside of this community is starting to get bad for me. At the time when I engage the conversation things are fine and then after a few tears and complaints I’m left with a feeling of guilt and regret, that my situation, and my problems are nothing. It shatters my self esteem and my confidence, it makes me feel like I just complain all the time, like i’m no good.

I know that i’m being hard on myself but with all the years of conditioning and being told that I was lazy or stupid or (insert your own remark) it makes it hard to get out of the rut and get back on the road that I need to be. Wow this STBUX got busy quick. Anyways, Thank you again, I think things will get better eventually. My counceler is supossed to call me at work today to set up an appointment so yeah It can only get better, nothing could be worse feeling than what its like right now (to me at least).